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'91 200tqw for sale

I've been looking for a wagon for awhile and finally bought a 200tqw, but
had asked some locals to keep an eye out for me...local dealer called saying
they had just gotten a '91 200tqw traded in (it evidently had been serviced
by them also).  I've only seen the car driving by the dealer on my way home;
it looks very nice (Lago Blue), and since these things are rare I figured
someone might be interested....call Rockville Porsche-Audi at 301-881-0900
if interested.  I'll help look at/inspect for anyone out of town.....usual

Steve Manning:	stephenm@ix.netcom.com (Metro D.C. area, USA)
....Mainly Mopars; also '88 90Q/'90 200tqw/'88 635csi; other stuff
......BMWCCA #93xxx, FCA, USCC, QCUSA, Wagons of Steel, etc.