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Re: new (future) owner question..

I know how you feel, I ordered my 1.8tq stick in early november and 
received the ole "beginning of March" then end of april, mine has arrived 
in the U.S. and should be shipped up here very soon. Your's might have 
been on that boat too, ask your dealer. Later.

You Wrote:

>one question for current A4 1.8TQ owners, 
>how long did it take for you to get your A4?
>I ordered mine back in January, dealer first told me end of March, 
>then end of April, now it looks like early-mid May. It looks like 
>it's really hard to find a 1.8T with Quattro+mannual+sport 
>package+winter package+sun roof and NO leather :(
>Impatiently waiting to  get rid of my Honda for a Quattro.
>also, is there any 'little quirks' I should know about on A4?
>C. Geoff Choi
>Technology Assessment
>United HealthCare

1997 A4q 1.8T
1990 90q20v
1986 4000CSq