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Re: Eurosport (NH) and Tritec (MD) (was I got it!)

On Apr 25,  1:10pm, Alan Schunemann wrote:
> Subject: Eurosport (NH) and Tritec (MD) (was I got it!)
> Folks,
> Also, I asked them to check the boost as I'm only reading 1.4 bar of
> maximum boost.

	For the 3B engine, this is a sure sign of something
	wrong -- but usually something minor (I forget what
	the most frequent offender is, but I'm sure other
	3B owners will tell you).  A healthy 3B will wind
	up to 1.7 without hesitation, at sea-level or
	elsewhere. I've seen 1.8 occasionally, but not
	that often.

	At any rate, you should take care of it, just in
	case it's *not* a minor problem ..

> Tritec tells me that the height relative to sea level
> will affect max boost.

	Higher altitudes will give you more lag, but same maximum
	boost (within reason). Since you're at sea-level, it
	should not affect you.

	Tritec doesn't sound very familiar with the 3B
	engine, IMHO.

	Good luck -- it's a fantastic car!

	'91 200Q (58K)
	'85 5KT (142K)

Arun Rao
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