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what? leaking oil already?

I was mulling over thoughts of a low-speed radiator fan in my 93 90CS
(see earlier post yesterday) as I went to the dealer to have a routine
oil change on my beloved car; those thoughts left my head as I saw one
of those new Boxters parked on the lot and nearly ran over a

Those thoughts were still out of my head as I gave the service advisor
the key...

I went out to ogle the cars for an hour, went back to see what was
taking them so long, and meant to bring up the question when the service
manager came out.
It turns out that my Audi is leaking oil in 4 or 5 places, including the
shaft (whose name escapes me at the moment) that the timing belt is
attatched to (yea I know there's a few of those).  He was pretty vague
and I was in somewhat suprised, so I didn't press for details.  They are
going to replace a number of seals, the timing belt, and the water
pump.  I was going to complain that a 4 year old car with 41K miles on
it should not be doing this, but he reassured me (?) by saying that he
would try to get AoA to pay for it, since I'm first owner, only 41K
miles, etc.

It occured to me on the way home in a adzaM Protoge loaner that maybe
this radiator thing had something to do with it?  Any suggestions?

(to those who don't know what 'radiator thing' I'm talking about, it
seems that my car is missing two fuses that are related to the low speed
operation of the radiator fan).