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Re: Mufflers on 4kq's

In a message dated 97-04-25 16:08:53 EDT, you write:

<< My '87 4kcsq (163k miles) is now on the 4th set of mufflers.  The first
replacement was done under warranty.  Second replacement (3 years ago) done
at a Midas Muffler shop for about $450 (a couple of hundred less than quoted
by the dealer).  Third replacement (a month ago) done by same Midas shop --
cost to me?  Nothing; completely covered by the lifetime warranty, as is the
current one.  Nothing else has been out of line on this car except fuel pumps
-- now on third one  (none failed, but got REALLY noisy).
 I am more than satisfied with the Audi ownership experience.  This has been,
and continues to be, a solid, excellent handling, safe all-weather car.
 Could it use more power?  What car couldn't? >>

Allright.  I am not evan going to Start to BEGIN to get into mine and my
friends Midas horror stories, but My friends Saab 900, 1987, is now on it's
fourth Midas muffler.  In one year.  And now it needs another one.  But he
gets the them all free!  I dunno, I would rather drop the 800 for a stainless
system and never think about it again, IMHO

Carter J