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JT Start Prob

Hey All, 
Prepare for the blabber to doctor type diagnosis...
(1)  No engine turn over (or quick rev then cut)
(2)  Crank ok, battery output fine
(3)  No throttle = no start
(4)  Throttle = no start
(5)  May start after period of time (sometimes 15 mins, sometimes 4
(6)  Once started, usually won't have this problem for week(s).
Questions:  Fuel pump is very loud.  Is it possible that the fuel
pump is not functioning correctly?  I have had NO case of cut out
while in the act of driving, only difficulty is starting.
Or...of course this car does have same hot start problem many have
talked about, but this non-start can take place up to a couple of
days later, therefore no longer "hot"?
Or...will a nice cleaning of the ISV everyone is speaking of help
things along?
Any fellow Qtm or 4kcsq owners are T-ed, IA for your suggestions.

86 VW Qtm Syn

P.S. I'm stuck at work so quicker responses earn more bonus points