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I'm Baaacckkk....

Sorry for the relatively useless bandwith (again), but I figured that I'd
let everyone know that I'm back from the "homeland", and am in the state of
Maryland again (although sometimes, I feel like I reside in the state of

Anyway, while I was up there, I was able to meet with Sean Ford. If you all
remember, he's the chap who just recently bought a '92 100CS 5-speed with
18k miles. Wow... nice car indeed!! I still can't believe it only has 18k
miles on it!! It looks just like mine... Titanium Grey... but with grey
leather instead of (my) black leather. Of course, the similarity ends when
you look at the odometer... my car has 106k miles on it!! A far cry from 18k!!

Sean and I had lunch at Bertucci's in Framingham, and we chatted "Audi" for
the whole time. Sean, I know you're listening... it was nice to meet you...
and it was a pleasure.... hopefully we can do it again sometime....

Paul Royal and Trisha Blethen made attempts to meet with me... but alas, it
didn't work out. Too bad, it would have been nice. Maybe next time....

Well, on another subject.... I have updated the pictures of my car on my
web-page. So... for those that care to see what a '92 100 looks like with
Borbet Type H's on it, go take a peek.  Also, for anyone who was wondering
what type of CB antenna I have, and where I have the CB radio mounted, go
take a quick look. I have posted some pictures that offer a better view.

Thanks for letting me ramble on... and apologies to anyone who may be
offended by the lack of BMW content, or Nascar content, synthetic vs. dino
content, or.... :-)

Happy Motoring!!

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
   "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S