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RE: Big donuts

I would guess you're quoting neg camber cause it pulls the top of the
wheels inboard, so's to clear the lip of the fender. OTOH, I thought
camber was induced at the ball joint. If so, negative camber pushes the
bottom of the tire _out_, and does not pull the top of the tire _in_,
like you would want it to to clear that pesky fender. Please identify
the type of paint I am sniffing, because I am *just not getting it*.
Kinda like our rules buddy. I'd love to clear the fender a little more,
plus I bet neg camber helps in the corners, no? Waiting on bended knee
at the master's side, I remain, your faithful servant,
-Ian Duff.

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>As jeff pointed out earlier, ride height has nothing to do with it at 
>all.  If it clears throughout the suspension travel, then it doesn't 
>matter where on that travel you set your static ride height.
>I use 16x7.5 ET45 on the back with 1.5deg neg camber and 225/50-16 D40M2s.
>I use 16x8.5 ET35 on the front with 1.4deg neg camber and 245/45-16 D40M2s.