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RE: more 4ksq questions

jknittle wrote:


  Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 14:42:57 -0700
  From: jknittle@sundown.sdsu.edu
  Subject: More 4000q questions

  Hi all,

  Yet more miscellaneous questions, hope you don't mind.  First, I am
  the impression that the 4kq had front disc/rear drum brakes, at
  least for a
  while.  Is this true and what year (if ever) did the 4kq line get 4
  discs?  How about the brake power booster, is it vacuum or
  actuated?  Did the 4kq ever get ABS or airbags?

  How about the clutch, is it hydraulically or cable activated?

  What years/trim lines had the 4 cylinder engines, and how are these

  Are most common jobs on these cars easy with regular tools, or does
  need to invest in a smorgasbord of specialty tools?

  Thanks again for your help



1.  All 4000 quattros had 4 wheel discs.  The fwd 4000 had disc/drum.
2.  The brake power booster is hydraulic, as is the clutch.
3.  I believe that none of the 4000's had ABS or airbags.
4.  All fwd 400's had the 4 -cyl engine.  In 1984, the 4000S received
the 1.8L engine from the GTI.  In 1985, the bodystyle changed, and the
1.8 got a higher compression ratio from 8.5:1 to 10:1, which boosted
power.  Power is okay, and reliability is on par w/ other Audi's,but get
a stick if you get a 4-cyl.
5.  You won't need many special tools, but I would recommend spending
$90 on the Bentley manual.  It really, really comes in handy.
Feel free to correct if not quite accurate.  Thanks!

Scott Mallett
84 4ksq -Why must everything go wrong at the same time?