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Re: Insuring a car in the US?

> Seems to me that it should be possible for someone in the US to take title 
> for the car, insure it under their own policy and let Tom "borrow" the car 
> for a couple of weeks.  I'm sure that as long as the appropriate agreements
> were reached it would be pretty easy ...

> Yes, it is true that this is somewhat shady, but I also know that people 

Shouldn't be shady at all, you should be able to add a named driver
to a policy and drop them at will as long as (in my case) they
weren't unmarried and under 25.  In fact, I think I could do it
by switching a policy to the subject car and driving an existing
car on the 30 day grace period I get for cars which I own...
NOW that would be getting a little shady.

You gotta read the fine print of the policy.