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Re: Quattro 4000 Mods list

Randall C. Markarian wrote:
> Pete Hamilton wrote:
> >
> > Side note: I was wondering how the hell most people measure power on a full
> > time 4wd system???  I've never seen a four wheel chassis dyno -- they must
> > be relatively rare and pretty expensive, as they'd have to be adjustable
> > for wheelbase.  Or is there some trick to it?
> >
> You essentially convert it to a FWD car by disconnecting the rear
> driveshaft.  Straight outta the manual, right Scott;)
> --
> Randall C. Markarian
> 1990 V8 Quattro
> 1996 Merc E320
> Saint Louis, Missouri

Dinojet in England offers very expencive 4WD dyno. They install it by 
bolting sensors in place of wheels while the car sits on a platform like 
the one they use in body shops. 

                      Mike Z