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Re: Off course or not

>I see this as being pretty simple.  The way I believe it ought to be:  If
>you go the wrong side of a cone, and touch the cone, you ought to be either
>liable for a DNF or for the pylon penalty.  To allow anything else leaves a
>bizarre loophole in the spirit of the sport.  In light of this loophole,
>the rules as tken literally are now written incorrectly.  This can be
>easily fixed.

How would you enforce this for a single-cone turn and/or an optional slalom
where you could legitimately run on either side of the pylons?  Is the
"course" to be defined by the pylons themselves or the path through them you
have chosen to run?

Personally, I think this whole issue occurs so rarely, it's not worth
bothering with ... besides, it would also make things that much harder for
course workers -- who often don't pay THAT much attention to the cars at
their stations :^( -- than the present rules.

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