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Re: Greg Cirillo problem (hopefully) solved


> That was me, and I got a note from Greg.  He was most apologetic (I think
> the SysAdmin put the filter in after he left).

I want to thank you, also, for posting the date on the dip-stick...er, Greg.
I also called and spoke to their system admin guy (soquinn@gkmg.com), who is not
exactly a "quick-study."  He had a hard time understanding that this could cause
problems that the firm might not want to go through, but I eventually did get 
through to him.  He also did not understand why there should be a problem since 
Greg's account had been terminated the day before.  We discussed that at length 
also, and the horrible truth eventually did get through.  (I think he had to 
call an outside contractor to come in and clean up his server, but when we 
finished speaking, he finally grasped the urgency of the matter, and I reckon 
the problem won't recur.)

> He offered his 90q up for ritualistic sacrifice to appease the Audi gods,
> which I thought a little extreme.  I reminded him that the list (sounds
> funny when you say it this way, kind of like "the Collective") forgives as
> quickly as it condemns.

I can buy that.  After Greg comes to the list and gives a sincere apology, one 
that he certainly owes us (especially the guys who pay by the byte).

> I am right, aren't I?  A goof that he had no control over.  We've seen (and
> forgiven) worse.

Hmmmmm...  Yer Kindly Ol' Unka Bart is a fun-lovin' dude, but this goof was 
definitely *not* one he had no control over.  From the timing of this, it was 
clearly malicious, intended to cause trouble to his *employer* in reckless 
disregard to the grief and aggrivation he caused to the Q-list.

Nonetheless, if he comes forward like an adult and takes responsibility and 
shows contrition, why not? It ain't the end of the world...