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Re: Gas tank location

In a message dated 97-04-26 21:21:39 EDT, you write:

<< Unfamiliar with UrQ gas tank location, >>

Open the trunk of a 4000, coupe or coupe quattro.  Reach inside, to where the
seatbacks should be.  touch the wall.  You are now touching the gas tank,
will rogers.

Actually, Huw and I were talking as to why the coupe Didn't have a hatchback
like my little vdub.  I managed to fit the 4 seats in without a problem.  Try
that in a coupe.  Unlsess your face is eating seat, I doubt you can do it.
 So why didn't they make a hatchback?  From the body looks, it's almost like
they made the car to be a hatchback, and then at the last second said "Nah!
 Let's screw em all up!"  I realize that on th coupe quattro and 4000 quattro
it doesn't have another place to go, but on the coupe it does, under the
trunk, like VW's.  Of course, audi probably didn't want to waste a bunch of
time making the coupe a different car from the quattro coupe, or the 4000 for
that matter.  I've answered my own question, but it still doesn't make sence.