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Lifter noise with cold engine ??

In message <3362E738.6CA5@netaccess.on.ca> Solomon Ngan writes:

> Sometime ago there were discussions regarding hydraulic lifter noise
> with cold engine (sounded like engine knocking).

There shouldn't be any relationship with _temperature_.  It's perfectly normal 
for an engine that's been standing for a while to rattle before the lifters 
fill with oil - if the oil filter has the mandated non-return valve, this 
should only be a few seconds.  Audi's documentation says the noise should be 
gone entirely after two minutes above 2000rpm.

> Is it damaging to the engine ?  It sure does to the pride of a proud
> audi  90 owner.

Cam and valve wear is slightly increased.

> Can someone kindly recall how to get rid of this lifter noise ?

a) Check the oil level.
b) Change the oil, making sure the new filter has a non-return valve.

c) Change the lifters.  Mine lasted around 140k miles.  A longish job, but
   not hard providing you have the right documentation.  I did it two weeks ago.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club