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radar traps!

Could some of our q-list gurus offer suggestions to a friend from my
"other" list and ten time zones away?  Please use his direct address since
he's not on the quattro list.


>To: RMyers
>From: sleddogs@OZEMAIL.COM.AU
>Date: 27 Apr 97 07:08:56 -0500
>Subject: radar traps!
>Message-ID: <tcppop3.1846863@main.inetone.net>
>This posting is a little off topic but it does relate to the transporting of
>sleddogs to race sites. Here in Australia most mushers travel great
>distances to attend different races. At one time or another (or in my case
>many times) most mushers have fallen victim to highway Police radar traps.
>Its simply a game to the Police and a state government fund raising
>exercise. There is no simpathy vote even if you show or unload the dogs to
>impress the officer. Just 10 KM over the lmit will cost you $105. What I'm
>looking for is some kind of radar confusion mechanism to corrupt radar
>readings. I'm going into revenge mode on this one! I have been hearing from
>Australian Airforce personnel that all I have to do is attach a minimum 12
>inch spring between two points protruding from the front bumper of my
>vehicle. Huh, try doing that to an F18! The movement the spring makes will
>confuse the radar speed recording and avoid any computations of my speed.
>Now I'm no radar expert but going by some of the email addresses on the list
>I notice many with military identification. Maybe some military radar
>junkies Stateside could shed a few tips down our way, any ideas?
>Please email privately or to the list, your call.
>Robert Stevens
>Altitude 5000 Sleddog Group
>Dinner Plain Australia.....
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