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Where to get my hose reel repaired? Actual Audi content!

In my search for an Audi wheel to use as a hose reel, I came across a dented
15x7 Fuchs wheel.  The yard I got it from sent it to their normal wheel
repair shop who said they couldn't repair it, so they gave it to me.   Now
I'm thinking I might want a spare for the Not So Ur q...  It really doesn't
look that bad.

About a month ago I remember someone mentioning a great wheel repair company.
 Any recommendations?

BTW, the Fuchs wheels are MUCH lighter than the 15x8's and 15x6 Ronals I
have.   Sorry, I don't have actual weights, just a "Wow, these things are
like feathers compared to the Ronals" reaction while putting them in the

Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q 3B on the engine stand, waiting to go in.