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Re: Gas tank location

In a message dated 97-04-27 03:50:30 EDT, you write:

<< t does if you remember that VW was, at the time, producing a genuine
 on a virtually identical ploor pan - the Passat.   >>

By the Passat, I assume you mean our Quantum, which (correct) did have a very
rare coupe version, early on in production.  I saw a pic of it in the
Bentley, and assumed it was identicle to the coupe, but it was a Hatchback?
 Interesting.  Next question...why didn't the hatchback carry over to the
audi?  And where was the tank located, under the rear floorpan like the
golf/rabbit?  The only big difference I saw was that the rear windows seemed
to be shaped differently.

Carter Johnson