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Antifreeze/coolant -- part 2

I checked Prestone's Web page to see what they had to say about phosphates in
the yellow jug.  From the FAQ's:

Q.  Does Prestone antifreeze/coolant contain phosphates.
A.  Some European automobile manufacturers request that a phosphate-free
antifreeze be used in their vehicles.  This issue is related to the extremely
high mineral content of the water in Europe.  If you were to mix an antifreeze
that contained phosphates with the type of water they have in Europe, it may
produce deposits that can settle in the cooling system and promote corrosion.

However, in North America we do not have this type of water problem.  Typical
North American coolants have contained phosphates (which is part of the
corrosion inhibitor package) for many years.  Therefore the question of
phosphates is a non-issue here in North America.  Prestone (R)
antifreeze/coolant is completely safe for use in both foreign and domestic

For those consumers who would feel more comfortable using a phosphate-free
antifreeze, our Prestone (R) Extended Life 5/100 is phosphate, silicate, and
borate free.  This coolant uses a special chemistry and technology that extends
the life of the corrosion inhibitor package so that it lasts for five years or
100,000 miles (whichever comes first), and is safe for all cars and light trucks
(old or new).

My observations:

I guess I won't be mixing Prestone with Perrier or Evian.

Yellow jug Prestone does have phosphates and MIGHT be harmful to your engine.

The water in my vicinity is VERY hard.  My coffee maker needs de-scaled about bi
monthly.  My electric kettle scums up after one use.

Antifreeze/coolant is very expensive in Europe.  Best price I can find is $4 /
1.5 liters.

Prestone in the yellow jug is available through the US military for $6 / gal.

I'm going to do two things.  First, buy some genuine phosphate free antifreeze;
and second recommend to the US military stores to stop stocking the regular
Prestone and only the silver stuff.

BTW:  Prestone, regardless of the North America -- centric attitude on their web
page has just released a european line of products.  One of which is is a spray
called Insta Trak.  It's based on tree resin and can improve traction up to 280%
in ice and snow.  It lasts up to twenty miles.

Joe Yakubik
I'm gonna sell my quattro and spray some tree sap on my tires....