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205/55-16 tires rub on rear of '90 200 qw?

I just installed new wheels amd tires on my '90 200 qw. I thought I got a great
deal from Discount Tire Direct, cause the wheels were only $79.00 each,
(they are really nice 5 spoke Dial 16x 7.5 wheels).  The tires are 205-55/16 
d40-m2. BUT, the tires rubs on the the rear fender lip whenever I go around
a corner or go over a bump.  ! I thought this size was supposed to fit. 
I did not compare offsets (yet), but that is the only thing I can think of 
that would explain whats wrong.

Any Ideas?

I appologize for asking this again, 'cause I think this was discussed about
two weeks ago, but after half an hour of excite searches, I couldn't find
the thread in the archives.



90 200 qw
87 Alfa Milano 3.0
73 Volvo 1800 es