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boost booster

Hello All-

I am curious as to what I can do to improve the boost on my '83 5000 Turbo.  It
is a bone stock turbo (I don't know exactly what model KKK), wastegate, and has
no intercooler.  Specifically, my questions are:

1.)  Can I add an intercooler to this car by finding a used intercooler and
plumbing from a newer turbo?  Which model years should I look for if so?

2.)  How can I modify the wastegate to change the opening pressure?  Is it as
simple (?) as changing the spring inside?  I have also read of adjustable ones.
This sounds nice.

3.)  What kinds of computer mods can I do?

I have noticed that on extremely cold days here in Iowa (-20 deg F), my
wastegate seems to get stuck, and it doesn't release when it should (boost gauge
shows ~2 bar abs.).  This results in extreme fun.  The boost gets high enough to
cause the computer to kill the ignition due to overboost when this happens.  I
like the feel of the car in these conditions, but wish I didn't have to freeze
my *ss off to do so!

Thanks in Advance!

Charley DePenning

'83 5kt <- sleepermobile