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AVUS was not produced or sold!!

All right, the AVUS rumors must stop,
OK, everybody has heard these rumors about 10, 20 of these cars being
built/sold for 1 mil each.  Well, there is only one, it was never road
tested, the power/ 0-60 times/ top speed are estimates. Why?  Because the W12
was a mock up, it was never built, it was a design on paper only.  As for the
sharper image guy who says a woman has 2 of them, that might have been
Ferdinad Piech in a dress or something!

Audi played up the AVUS for a while, but as a show car, it was not operable
and there has NEVER been a road test of one, unlike the Spyder which was road
tested by a couple of magazines.

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