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Re: rear differential movement / clunk

Grant Lenahan wrote:
> re: excess movement and "clunking" from rear diff of 1991 90q20v
> Well, this weekend I replaced the 3 rear diff bushings to cure
> movement in my 1991 90q20v.  This appeared to be a no-
> brainer.  Several previous cars had the same malady, and
> the bushings corrected it completely.  I could move the diff by
> hand from under the car.
> Bad news: new bushings, same old clunk (when shifting, starting out,
> etc).  When "bucking the car" against the handbrake, the diff and
> driveshaft could be seen to twist substantially.
> Any of you raw-knuckled folks run into this?  What am I missing?
> Grant

I've run into this on a few cars, however not a 90 20V.
Always turned out to be the right side motor mount.