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re: More 4000q questions

jknittle@sundown.sdsu.edu asks:

<< Yet more miscellaneous questions, hope you don't mind.  First, I am
the impression that the 4kq had front disc/rear drum brakes, at least
for a
while.  Is this true and what year (if ever) did the 4kq line get 4
discs?  How about the brake power booster, is it vacuum or hydraulically
actuated?  Did the 4kq ever get ABS or airbags? >>

I believe all 4K quattros have 4 wheel disc brakes.  The brake booster
is by vacuum. 4KQ's never had ABS or airbags.  The 90Q replacement in
'88 had ABS and airbags by '90.

<< How about the clutch, is it hydraulically or cable activated?
What years/trim lines had the 4 cylinder engines, and how are these on
Are most common jobs on these cars easy with regular tools, or does one
need to invest in a smorgasbord of specialty tools? >>

All Audi clutches are hydraulic.  The 4KQ never had a 4 cyl in the 
US (and probably not anywhere else, either).  The non-Q's had the 
4cyl, except some early 80's models with automatics.  There also may
have been a few 5 cyl 'sport' versions in the early 80's (5+E?).

As for working on them, I'm not that familiar.  So far with my similar
90Q, I haven't had a need for anything special.  I hear changing the
timing belt or water pump is easier with some special tools, but I
haven't had the pleasure, yet.  As is the case with most cars, a job is
always easier with the factory tools but can usually be done without


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