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Re: Interesting ad

I asked:
>>Anyone know what an 'HO' engine is?
>>Sounds like a mistake to me.  Still, if they know what engine code is
>>on the car, it would seem strange for them to mistake rear disc brakes
>>with 4WD.

And John Eickerman replied:
>Well, on a Mustang it stands for 'High Output"

I think the mystery is solved.  The 'HO' engine would be the NG "High
Output" 130hp I5.  I'll bet 4WD stands for "4 wheel DISCS" also, instead
of 4 wheel DRIVE.  Poor choice of wording by the seller, but I should
have been able to figure it out.

So, this is a typical late '87 build Coupe GT mit der Digital Dash, 
the 2.3L engine, and disc brakes all the way around.  Seems like a good
price at $2200, if it is in good condition.

'85 Coupe GT, early '85 model mit Analog Dash, 2.22L engine, und rear drums
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