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Creating a decal *is* rather straightforward. Getting a group to decide on
a design, OTOH, is not. :) I've been through this before with another
group, and am willing to do it here...so here goes.

I was thinking about this over the weekend...what would be unobtrusive on a
car, yet clearly identify us as a group of like-minded nutcases, er,

What I've got in mind is a 3x5 decal, inside application, 1 color, clear
background. Simple, elegant "Q" in either bright white or silver. Nobody
else will know what this is about, yet, it will be immediately obvious to
anyone on the list...

I'll look into the cost of multi color to provide some shading for a 3D
effect, but it does drive the price up...

Cost per decal will be around $4 per, you send check and SASE, I'll send a
decal back. For the multiple color decal, I'd expect it to run $6 or $7 per.

For now, I'm just gauging interest...so if you are interested in purchasing
one or more of a decal in this style, please send a message to
"decals@magicpub.com" with the word "decal" in the subject and the
following in the body:

quantity = X (tell me how many you want)
color = silver/white/multi (choose one)

I'll count up the interest between now and May 7th...if there's sufficient
interest, I'll order a bunch of decals and post ordering information to the
list. Will take about 3 weeks after ordering.

Personally, I'd prefer the silver with some shading, but don't know yet
what it will do to the pricing... Also, btw, the choice of a simple "Q"
will avoid any legal problems with copyright issues...

In the meantime, I'll put up a sample or two on a webpage in the next day
or so.

I've done a similar one for the swedishbricks group at:


Let's get those votes in...



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