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Re: Found 4000CSQ...have questions

Check the electrical contacts, mine were oxidized and I had the same sysptoms.
Cleaned them and now it works fine.

> > The sunroof did not work.  (The sunroof motor would run when I hit the
> > switch with no problem, but the roof didnt move in either direction.
> > Sunroof cables mechanism??)
> Most likely one of the gears inside the gear reduction unit of the
> electric motor is not adjusted properly.  It has an eccentric
> adjustment.  Mine did the same:  motor turns, nothing happened.  I found
> the offending gear and held it in place ising a small plactic cable
> tie.  2 years later (knock, knock), the sunroof is still working just
> fine.
> Luis
> '87 4kcsq