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re: More 4000q questions

From: Steve Valin <steve@sgi.com>

>The 4KQ never had a 4 cyl in the
>US (and probably not anywhere else, either).  The non-Q's had the
>4cyl, except some early 80's models with automatics.  There also may
>have been a few 5 cyl 'sport' versions in the early 80's (5+E?).

The 80q with I5 2144 K-Jet 136bhp engine was introduced in the UK in 1983. 
 In late 84, the 80q was downgraded to the I4 1.8 K-Jet 112bhp engine.  This 
was still a nice car but with only 112bhp was a little underpowered for its 
roadholding.  The reason for this downgrading was because in 1984, Audi 
introduced the 90 series which were essentially Audi80s powered exclusively 
from the I5 engines; all the Audi 80 models  had to make do with I4 engines.

The 1984 Audi90q was virtually identical to the 1983 80q, but it had the 
2226 I5 engine instead.

1984 Audi 80 quattro (one of the last 5 cylinder ones)
1989 Audi 100 Avant