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Re: 5000s Non turbo quattro (might be for sale in Dallas)

I have such a beast... an 88 5000s quattro.

In total, I have seen 3... Mine (silver), one exactly like mine in east
Tennessee, and a gold 87 here in Dallas.

I think there are minor differences in the 87(?) and 88. The rear
decklid on the 87 has the bootlock on the trunk, and my car has it in
the blackout trim panel. Also, my nomenclature on the rear is all
metal-chrome, not the plastic.

Its a really nice car, once at speed and can really bring it when
needed. I sure will miss her. My A4 is due in a month.
Can anyone give my ole' 5000s a good home?
The dealer hasnt given a trade-in value, but Im sure its dead-dog low.

Jason Palmer
88 5ksquattro (Still has a little kick)
97 A4 1.8tqm (Due in 28days, 14hrs, 14min, 30sec... but who's counting)