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Re: Quattro decals and Miata envy

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Marc D. Gorelick wrote:

> The Miata.Net sticker looks great on my white '91 "A" package Miata. The 
> thing is that the actual list was at miata-list@jhunix.jhu.edu or some 
> other terrible address, so what should really be done is to register 
> Quattro.Net as a domain and get stickers that say that instead. I imagine a 
> sticker that says, simply, "quattro.net" in the Quattro font. This sticker 
> would be made available in a variety of Quattro colors. Mine would be red, 
> of course :-)

I 'own' quattro.org  and if you want to use that in a sticker, please 
feel free. Its the 'same old' Quattro page you've seen forever, but it is 
in the process of a HUGE facelift. Ill keep you all posted.


Bob D'Amato SNET 300 George St. New Haven, CT 06510 203-771-7081
               Drive Safe, Drive Fast, Drive a Quattro