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RE: anybody ever put urquattro fenders on a 4000 quattro?

TAP does not sell ur-q fenders.  What they have available are the fender "bubbles" in fiberglass.  Craig Jones has installed these on his car but does not recommend them if you want a factory quality appearance.  To get a factory appearance you must use the metal fenders and quarter panel from a ur-q.  This is what I am doing on my 4kq project.


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<< just wondering if anybody has ever done this, cause it would look cool.
 Also what are the most common size tires that are run on the 4000
TAP sells the flares for 595$.  Some modifaction required.  Most 4000Q's have
195-60-14's, that I have seen...

86 4000CS quattro, considered the flares and the turbo a LONG time ago...2.6
kit for me!