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 >>Cost is $190 per driver.  Each driver will get paired with
 >an experienced instructor, and will have approx. 2 hours of
 >track time per day.  We have small run groups - approx.
 >30 cars per group.
 Now will the Quattro club PLEASE explain why they want upwards of $300 
 for their event at the glen?????<
     Definitely a better deal.  Two hours per day is also about 40 minutes 
     more than with Qclub.  However, to set the record straight, the Qclub 
     cost is downwards of $300 - $275 to be exact (unless you wait until 
     after June 1, then it is $300.)  This is up $15 from last year. :(
     BTW, the glen can soak up 30 cars and you can have a run where you 
     rarely see anyone, at least with the Qclub.  I suppose there would be 
     a continual stream of Porsches passing me at this one. ;^)
     Jack Rich