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Re: New Radio Kills Dash Lights!

On Apr 29, 12:19pm, Charles Schwartz wrote:
> Subject: New Radio Kills Dash Lights!
> I installed a new radio into my '86 4000 over the weekend.  I was able to
> identify the speaker wires fairly easily, but I had some trouble with the
> power wire.  There was a 4 wire connector to the back of the radio.  The
> colors were brown, red, grey/blue, and white.  I got current from the red,
> and ground from the grey/blue. The white was related to the chime.  I don't
> know about the brown.  Anyway, now I have no dash lights.  
> Help!

Well, I'm fairly new to Audis, but I know 1 thing and will offer
some extra advice.

What I know: Audi seems to use brown for ground wires, so you're
probably using something that's not a ground but seemed to be
at the time.

What I'd advise: NEVER guess on wiring.  When installing the
radio, disconnect the battery, get a good ohmmeter, and check things!
I'm betting you'll find that the grey-blue wire may have a few
ohms to ground.  If you don't know what a particular wire does
or where it goes, and can't deduce it from clever measuring,
don't use it.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q