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ur-q mystery support shelf

     After spending most of the weekend lying on my back (underneath an '83 
     ur-q) it gave me a chance to reflect on life's mysteries. Talking of 
     which, does anyone know what the little shelf on the underside of the 
     car, on the opposite side from the battery is for? It's oblong about 
     3-4" long and an 1.5" wide?
     I know there is a shelf for the fuel pump, and one for the accumulator 
     and fixings for the fuel filters. But this shelf is off on its own on 
     the other side from the fuel "stuff". At one time it had two bonded 
     rubber mounts supporting...? I couldn't pinpoint anything to go there 
     on the fiche or in the Bentley?
     Regards, Mike
     p.s. Thanks to those who replied on the throttle body, I will be 
     checking one out on the weekend.