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20v in a 4000?

	At the outset, let me say the 20vt is a great motor and one that 
I wish I had--sometimes.  Phil is exactly right however when it comes to 
the insanity of price differential.  10vt motors can be had many places 
for under $500.  20vt motors will easily cost you 5 - 10 times that much, 
depending where you buy [talking used here].  This difference can be very 
important when you are doing something [increased boost comes to mind] 
that *can* cause you problems.  You can get more out of the 20vt, but you 
will not get 5 - 10 times the power, you won't get double the power, etc. 

	So, if price is of absolutely no concern, go for the 20vt--just 
know what you are getting:)