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RE: '91 Audi Coupe 20V

Get a *qualified* opinion, other than the dealer. I bet it's something
simple (like the dealer) like corroded contacts, or such.
-Ian Duff.
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>Sent:	Tuesday, April 29, 1997 2:44 PM
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>Subject:	'91 Audi Coupe 20V
>I dont know if the list remembers but my Coupe has been having the problem
>consistently stalling when warm.  The car restarts when cold only to stall
>again at operating temp.
>Today the dealer told me that the ECU ($900) needs to be changed.  This car
>was barely driven and has $34,000 miles on it.  I am surprised the box went
>with so few miles. The dealer will tlk to the Audi rep regarding some kind
>of coverage.
>Any advice you can provide on this issue to get Audi to cover some of the