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Decal stuff


We went through this a couple years ago on the Corrado mailing list.    We
opted for all lowercase 'corrado-l'.

This was to signify the corrado-l@teleport.com mailing list address.

The lower case 'q' would be to specify the internet quattro list.......being
lowercase, it is kinda cooler than the 'Q'.


Brian J White		|   1992 Corrado VR6 - Flash Red w/Speedlines
    bwhite@thepoint.net	|         Neuspeed P-Flo, Neuspeed P-Chip
Corrado Club of America	|         ABD Cross-drilled rotors, Repco MM Pads
    www.corrado-club.com	|         Momo Anatomic, AGLA Leather boot
Kentucky Region SCCA	|         Hella European Side Indicators,  
    http://www.thepoint.net/	|         VDO Oil Pressure & Voltmeter
     ~bwhite/kyscca.html	|         Sony XR430 w/Dolby B-C, 10-disc,
			          JBL Titanium tweeters, mids, 8" sub