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$185 oil change

I took my 93 90CS in for a routine oil change, and was told that it was
leaking oil from a number of places, and some of it had gotten on the
timing belt.  3 days later, I went to pick it up.  Total cost: $185.90.

What I was charged for:
Oil change:
-Gasket:						$0.72
-Oil Filter:						$9.79
-Oil:							$11.25
Other stuff:
-Seal 034-115-147-A (front crankshaft oil seal?):	$2.34
-Tooth belt 078-109-119-D				$20.75
-Tensroller (timing belt tentioner?) 078-109-244-F	$14.86
-Tensroller 078-109-243-C				$14.86
-Antifreeze 						$2.99
-Water Pump 078-121-004-CX				$53.62
-Belt 078-903-137-P					$10.66

Total parts: $105.59
Total Labor: $60.20

What do people think about the prices?  Did I pay too much?
Oh yea the dealer said they could only get AoA to pay for 80%...

On the way out of the parking lot, I noticed that the A/C was broken,
after having been "fixed for sure" 3 times before...  Turned around and
went right back in.  After 30 minutes or so the found the problem was a
loose/corroded connection to the high pressure switch.  (They didn't
charge me for that)