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Re: $185 oil change

orin@WOLFENET.com wrote:
> > I took my 93 90CS in for a routine oil change, and was told that it was
> > leaking oil from a number of places, and some of it had gotten on the
> > timing belt.  3 days later, I went to pick it up.  Total cost: $185.90.
> [parts list deleted]
> > Total parts: $105.59
> > Total Labor: $60.20
> > What do people think about the prices?  Did I pay too much?
> > Oh yea the dealer said they could only get AoA to pay for 80%...
> So How much did YOU actually pay?  For the work done, it doesn't look
> bad, in fact, my initial impression was 'what's wrong with them?
> Less than $200 for all that?'.
> Orin ;-)
Well actually that's what I paid.
The reciept shows:
part X	SPLIT CUSTOMER=20.00% WARRANTY=80.00%   price Y

The labor was 3.85 hours, which seems about right then because the
garage charges something like $50 or $60/hour.

I don't think that I've ever replaced this many parts at the same time
in any Audi I've owned, except perhaps the first one which was a lemon. 
I've never had a water pump replaced so I don't know how much it should
By the way, why would the water pump be siezing already?  Don't they
usually last longer?