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Re: Side Body Moldings

    On my 5KTQ, the safety door I-beams are worked into the side moldings.
I believe you must loosten then bolts that hold them in place from the inside
of the door to remove them.  I do not know if you have to remove the door panel
to get to them, but you may want to refer to your factory manual before attempt
ing to remove these.  It may be more involved than you think.  I also think
these body mouldings which are basically covers for the I-beams are "dealer onl
y" parts (i.e. expensive).  You may want to call Carlsen since they seem to hav
e the best prices on dealer only stuff.  I thought about replacing mine too,
but it is a lot of trouble and probably expensive, and mine aren't too bad yet.
They are bolted together but also some kind of epoxy or glue is in there holdin
g it to the body.  This is what comes loose with age and heat.

    Disclaimer: This is what the side door moldings are like on my 5KTQ, but I
am not positive they are the same way on your 90Q.  They appear thinner on your
car, so it may be easier for you.  But, this is definately the case for use
5k owners....