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Re: 93 90 brake upgrade? anyone?

At 12:14 AM 4/30/97 -0400, STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
>>Few quick questions.  WHen It comes time to replace the pads and rotors
>>on my 93 90, I was contemplating an upgrade of sorts.  Are cool carbons
>>for pads the way to go?  And if so, could some give me a number to call.
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>Get yourself some Cool Carbons from Paul Weston at Weston Motorsports 

A couple of other thoughts here. I was talking with the guys at
GPR the other day, any they said they can do slotted and/or drilled
rotors. They can do this to any rotor (including OEM) so there's
no trouble getting the right fit. I'm considering getting new OEMs
and having them slotted, which I think would work well with the CCs,
but I going to stay away from drilling.... (They charge ~$40/ea
for slotting.)

I was talking with my mechanic a little while ago about this same
subject, and he recommended Hawk pads. "Black" compound for street
use, or "Blue" for strictly track use. He said he'd been around the
loop with others, but that the "Blues" were the best he'd found
(he's the official Watkins Glen mechanic for the local BMW club and
for Trackmasters).

He cautioned against tbe "Blue" compound on the street, as when not
hot these pads really chew through rotors... as in down to the 
ventilation vanes...

1993 90CS (awaiting $$ for brake upgrades)