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More decals and Audi script is copyrighted?

Paul Royal wrote:
"Whatever you folks may or may not decide to do, you should be aware that
the Audi script
is copyrighted as is it's logo/trademark....just FYI."

Paul, are you saying that no one can use that font without permission, or
am I misunderstanding what you mean by "script"? 

Has anyone come up with a decal design yet and added it to a web page? I'd
love to see what Lee, Tom Nas (a graphic designer by trade), and Darin have
available. I hate to be the bulldog on this, but I really like this idea
and I'd rather not see it die like the last time. I'm willing to shell out
bucks for a decal, we have the means, we have the desire, we have a group
of good people here that I enjoy associating with, let's just do it, folks,
it's fun. If you don't care about a decal, then don't buy one, no pressure,
but I bet Lee is right, if he makes one people (we) WILL buy them. How many
swedishbrick decals have gone out the door, Lee? 400 or so? And what was
that for, one model from one auto marque? Oh, ya, this'll happen, we just
need someone to break the log jam. As far as a consensus, there won't be
one, but if we build enough options (size, color, exterior/interior) into
this, then we can satisfy most of us.

Have I O-ffended with my tone? I hope not, I'm just trying to provide a
direction and keep things moving while there is still interest.

Sean Ford
Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Newton, MA  02162 (USA)
'92 Audi 100CS 5spd  19K miles (and counting)
'89 Suzuki Katana 600 14K miles (out and about, and running strong)