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Re: 80 Q basic questions

At 03:03 PM 4/29/97 -0700, you wrote:
>What source has the cheapest Bentley manual for my newly aquired '88 80 Q?

Try Carlsen (on the vendor list), or Classic Motorbooks.  You can also get
directly from Bentley at www.rb.com (but you'll pay full price).  Make sure
you get the updated version, since it also includes wiring diagrams and some

>Which type of Redline should I use in the gearbox?.....In the diff?

Gearbox - 2-3 quarts MT-90.  Diff - 2 quarts 75w-90.

>Any info is appreciated. I love this car!

That feeling will come and go :-) .......SLM

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