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RE: 90 CQ Wheel/Tire Advice

Funny you should mention it. I just upgraded the wheels/tires on my 1990
Coupe quattro to, are you ready for this, 16x7.5 ET35 Dial Elysee with
D40M2 225/50-ZR16. I was able to upgrade with the help of the other
guy's insurance company after I got hit and toasted two of the peeling
Speedlines, for about US$200 of my money. The repairs were done
incorrectly, so the tires were not symmetrical with the body, result was
that the RF tire rubbed, the LF tire had miles of clearance. It has
<supposedly> just been fixed. I believe that ET35 with 7.5" wide rims is
the correct fitment.

The lower profile D40s are WOW (turning one way so far), can't say
enough good things about them. Sticky, great turn in, quiet, great in
the rain. I haven't noticed any change in mileage. I was getting about
22.1 or 22.2 before, same after. Have fun, go for it!

-Ian Duff.
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>Subject:	90 CQ Wheel/Tire Advice
>Hello everyone,
>I am finally giving up on my diseased (oxidized) Speedlines.  I will use them
>with my Blizzaks as winter wheels.  Now I'm in the market for some new wheels
>and tires.  I am considering an upgrade to 16" TSW Hockenheim Rs with
>225/50ZR-16 Dunlop D40M2s.
>1. Has anyone upgraded to 16s on their coupe or 90?  Did you notice a
>2. Has anyone tried the 225/50s?  Will they clear the fenders.  Will there be
>any noticible negative effect besides a decrease in mileage.  Is the increase
>in handling noticible?
>3. Anyone with an opinion of the TSW wheels (durability, strength, etc)?
>4. Any opinions on the D40M2s?  They are on sale at the Tire rack for around
>$97.  Seems like a good deal.  Are there other tires that I should give
>serious attention to?  Remember that I have the Blizzaks for the winter, so I
>really only need a dry/wet tire.
>Any advice would be really appreciated.  I'm looking to buy soon as my
>Blizzaks aren't that great for dry/wet driving.
>Thanks in advance!
>Jason Rhee
>'90 Coupe Quattro