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New Quattro Coupe owner needing help and info

hey everyone

	all my life i wanted to own a 90 audi quattro coupe, and finally my dreams
came true.  i have just become a proud owner of a 1990 CQ20v.. but it has one
problem. it was involved in an engine fire.  yes the passenger side of the
engine compartment it crisp.  So we were thinking about finding a audi 200
(20v turbo) and since the fuel, wiring has to be changed anyway.. we would
through in  a 20v turbo instead.. Does anyone know what is envolved?? is it
possible??? do i need to make any major modifications??? all help and
comments would be a big help...


82 coupe
86 4000 Q
86 5000cs Q T

89 90Q
90 Coupe Q (20v) hopefully Turbo soon