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Turbo Exhaust crack and exhaust manifold gasket leaks.

While looking for my boost leak (I took off all hoses - including th accordion 
hose to the inlet manifold) and they all looked good though the 3 way 
connector to the valve cover and inlet manifold and the (other pipe) was all 
cracked on the inside (like a dry lake bed) I ordered a new one $55 CDN.
I didn't find any leaks.  The leak doesn't seem to start until I have >11 psi 
on the gauge.

What I did find :( and  :< was:
1. There was a crack (about 1.5"long!) circumferentially around the exhaust 
pipe which bolts to the turbo outlet. The crak appears to be located at the 
root of the weld.
Can this be rewelded?
If not where would I find a replacement pipe?

2. The gasket between the head and the manifold seems to have blown with leaks 
at more than one cylinder.  Is it likely that the exhaust manifold studs would 
have weakened due to the exhaust leak sufficient that they will break off?
Is there a way to reseal the joint without removing the manifold?
Are there any special practices when trying to loosen the studs?
Will I likely damage the manifold when I remove it?
What is the likely longer term damage if I don't touch the manifold?

Thanks for any suggestions,