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Re: Bolt Pattern on 85 Coupe

In a message dated 97-04-30 14:35:05 EDT, you write:

<< hey all, i was just wondering what the bolt pattern is for the 85 coupe 
 GT...are they the 4x108, the same as the quattro.   I would think so as 
 they have the same alloy wheels.  Thanks in advance.
 Mike >>

Ahh.  Yes they are the same bolt pattern  But beware.....there are no less
that 5 versions on those 16 spoke Ronal wheels, and all of them are

14 inch, 4x100mm 6 inch wide
14 inch, 4x108mm 6 inch wide
15 inch, 5x112??? 6.5 inch wide
15 inch, 5x112??? 7 inch wide
15 inch, 5x112??? 8 inch wide

Ronal also produced that wheel for the public, know to them as the Ronal R8,
although it was discontinued in 1993 or so, and I was laughed at when I
called Ronal USA asking for a set of 16 inchers.