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RE: Decal..Ideas For..Audi Logo

> ""Quattro," the "Audi logotype" and the "four rings" of Audi are (to be)
> used (only) with the
> permission of Audi of America, Inc., and Audi AG."

They can say what they like but trademark law says you can only
protect what you use in trade in the same industry (there are several
dozen categories).  It would be perfectly legal to start an Internet
provider called quattro.net, or a Quattro Machine Tools Inc., or a
Quattro Seafood House, or KQTR Quattro Rockin' 98.3 Radio.

I'm not a lawyer and you shouldn't take my advice, but check it out
for yourself.  Trademark law gives pretty narrow rights.

In practice, though... I wouldn't want to alienate AoA or Audi AG,
because (a) we want to be friends with them and (b) they have deeper
['86 Coupe GT]