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Silence is golden...

I've argued with an annoying, irritating rattle for the entire time I've
owned my tq  (1.5 years). The noise seemed to travel throughout the engine
compt, listening via screwdriver no good whatever...  I gave up, finally -
it seemed to go away after the car heated up. I figured it was a distrib or
cam rattle and I would find it when it got bad enough...
Over the last few weeks, the old Autobahn remanufactured alternator started
singing the blues. Didn't have the time to take the car outa service to do
the rebuild, so I grabbed one outa one of my local junkyards fer 40.00
today. Figgered I would rebuild the old one at my leisure (just needs
brushes) and have a spare or sell it.
Low and behold, ye old rattle was a loose upper alternator attatchment bolt
- allowed the alternator to move around when cold enough to rattle like a
sumbitch. When the aluminum parts got warm enough from the manifold and
turbo, it would expand just enough to quiet down...

Enjoying the silence...

********************************AUDI FAN***********************************
                                   EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
87 5KCStq 191K miles                1.7 bar 
    qcusa #3442                 Maitland, Florida