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RE: 90 CQ Wheel/Tire Advice

Hi all,

Just my input to the Coupe wheel question.

I have just changed from original Speedlines with Yoko AVS S4v tires to Borbet Type M wheels with Dunlop SP Sport 8000 205 55Zr16 tires. Fantastic difference, in the cloverleafs and mountain roads it grips far better than I expected this car could. I think there is room for 225s and I will be testing that with my next step:

The Borbets had a problem and I'm returning them. Next step is to 17" TSW Blades w/ 225-45ZR17 Sport 8000s. Anyone have any input? Will I notice that much of a ride harshness increase? I think the 16s look great on the car, but a little bit larger would really make the car look great. (Plus they show off the red laquer on the calipers)

I'm taking the car to Texas this weekend, after I get back I'll look into the wheel change...


'90 Coupe q
'84 Jeep Scrambler